New in Server.. is it alive?

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New in Server.. is it alive?

Post by Blastoise »

Hello everybody,

Today I joined l2-zaken in order to find an stable low rate server.
After 1h of grinding, I decide to go to Gludio to find some people there, but I can't see nobody.
I moved to giran, and apart of offline sellers, I didn't see anybody there.

Is the server still alive?
How many real people play during day, more or less?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: New in Server.. is it alive?

Post by genata »

I don't know what you think alive. Being online means being alive ...
Is the server stable I think the statistics speak for themselves - 3 years online. Server it's not perfect, but it's much better than what others have to offer. You will be sure of this if you stay for a long time.
We have no fake players as well as paid players to simulate online.
There are no bots if they are punished sooner or later.
We made the server for fun and it will remain so.
The players we play here are old-school and well-meaning to new players (I hope) and will help you if you are alone.

Good luck!

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